PAL Sporting Goods

What started as this family's passions for sports, became PALMER AND LOLA Sporting Goods aka PAL (friend). A love for sport forms part of their DNA. From skiing above the clouds to battling on the hockey pitch, water sports, garden ping pong or tennis matches. It doesn't matter where, what or who, as long as we could win the family Cup or run our own race of the century. It's a gift that has been handed down through generation to generation and now it's their turn to pass that passion on. By creating beautiful sport and leisure collections that will inspire every generation to find their sport we hope to inspire you to do the same with your family. After much research they've found the best quality fabrics that will allow them to create pieces that you can wear for decades to come, eventually handing them down to our kids and them to theirs. They specialize in regenerated yarn ranging from 290grm for T-shirts and long-sleeves to 450grm, 500grm and 550grm for hoodies, crewnecks etc. The yarn is a cross weave heavy cotton jersey with a carefully curated American inspired fit. For all. Their collections celebrate sports that feature in the winter and summer games.