AFFXWRKS is a London based menswear label founded in 2017. AFFXWRKS has its brand ethos as "Experimentation" and "Innovative". Traditional workwear and accessibility are pivotal to this men’s line based upon the concept of "New Utility".

New Utility: AFFXWRKS reimagines specificity for a wider more utilitarian application.

AFFXWRKS Standardised Hoodie (Muted Blue)
AFFXWRKS L/S Pocket T-Shirt (Black)
AFFXWRKS Wrks Pant (Washed Black)
AFFXWRKS Wrks Jacket (Washed Black)
AFFXWRKS Crossover Hoodie (Black Melange)
AFFXWRKS G-Hook Belt (Black)
AFFXWRKS Circular Bag (Washed Grey)
Sold Out
AFFXWRKS Circular Bag (Washed Brown)
Sold Out
AFFXWRKS Circular Bag (Washed Black)
Sold Out
AFFXWRKS Standardised T-Shirt (Deep Navy)
AFFXWRKS TBC T-Shirt (Deep Navy)
AFFXWRKS Major Sound T-Shirt (Washed Black)