FreshService 是日本同名選購店自家推出的品牌,由日本潮流指標人物 南貴之 推出。品牌以「架空の運送会社」為概念進行選物與設計,以收納性及輕便機能為重點。設計以工裝風格為基調,結合簡約設計美學,透過獨特剪裁與物料質感,營造清新簡約優雅的工裝風格。
FreshService is a brand launched by the Japanese selective store with the same name, founded by the Japanese trend indicator Takayuki Minami. The brand selects and designs objects based on the concept of "Delivery Club", focusing on storage and lightweight functions. The design is based on workwear style, combined with simple design aesthetics, through unique tailoring and material texture, to create a fresh, simple and elegant workwear.
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