Healthknit was founded in Knoxville in the US in 1900. It has a history of more than 100 years of clothing making. Comfortable basic clothing are the signature to the Japanese clothing craftsmanship, from garments making, dyeing, pattern making and other procedures, still adhere to the classic production quality of "made in USA", and added Japan is constantly chasing a simple yet modern fit.

Healthknit Socks 3 in 1 (White)
Healthknit 3 in 1 Pack Heavyweight Socks (Ivory)
Healthknit Socks 3 in 1 (Black/ White/ Grey)
Healthknit Sinker Color 3 in 1 Pack Socks (Mocha/ Brick/ Charcoal)
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Healthknit Plain Socks 3 in 1 (Multicolour)
Healthknit Color Scheme 3 Line Crew 3P Socks (Multicolour)
Healthknit Women's 3-Line 3P Socks (Multicolour)
Healthknit 2 Line Socks 3 in 1 (Multicolour)
Healthknit Tube H Mark 2P Scoks (Multicolour)