GR10K is the spin-off of a military and workwear uniform and garments factory. Taking expertise, technology and aesthetic references, it works as a fashion proxy to gather and exploit fields of fabric application and workwear. Playing with the grounds of corporate and industrial creativity, and their de-programming of creative subjectivity, GR10K is organised and structured as an anti-identitary collaborative group.

GR10K WR ARC Pants (Asphalt Grey)
GR10K Taped Bonded Trouser (Convoy Grey)
GR10K Two Pockets Bonded Shirt (Fennec)
GR10K Replicated Light KLM Pants (Black)
Sold Out
GR10K Klopman Velcro Stock Cap (Navy)
Sold Out
GR10K Solid S/S Shirt (Dusty Blue)
GR10K WR 3L Soil Sack (Tortora)
GR10K KLOPMAN Kruel Soil Sack (Convoy Grey)
Sold Out
GR10K Cordura® Soil Sack (White)
GR10K Aimless Compact Knit Sweater (Herren Grey)
GR10K Erik Cruel Mesh S/S T-Shirt (Convoy Grey)
GR10K KLOPMAN Tailored Shorts (Convoy Grey)