AFFXWRKS, has its brand ethos as "Experimentation" and "Innovative". Traditional workwear and accessibility are pivotal to this men’s line based upon the concept of "New Utility".

ALLCAPSTUDIO, reflected the multidisciplinary background and putting extra attention on crafting, details, promoting peace, optimism and positivity. 

CONICHIWA bonjour, reshapes daily clothes through playful and fresh colors. The design revolves around Japanese city boy style and reconciles Korean street elements to present the brand concept.

FAÇON, pronounce Fa-sawn.a noun mixed with fashion and style. Streetwear driven with a high quality print and cozy fit.

FreshService, "Delivery Club", focusing on storage and lightweight functions. The design is based on workwear style, combined with simple design aesthetics, through unique tailoring and material texture.

Healthknit well-know for their comfortable basic Japanese clothing craftsmanship, from garments making, dyeing, pattern making and other procedures, still adhere to the classic production quality of "made in USA".

Human Society, based on communication and understanding between individuals and the brand itself to express their opinions to the general society through clothing as a medium. Use the iconic two-dimensional image printing and slogan creation to reflect the brand concept.

Awaken The Ears, desired to recall our initial resolution and to be who you really are by dealing with both physical and mental pressure under the current pandemic, global financial challenge and unstable society.

orSlow, capture authenticity with their washes, remarkable in their comfort and offering heritage inspired garments to produce as close to the original way as possible.  Many of their products are taking reference on vintage iconic pieces.

Palmer and Lola Sporting Goods, as known as PAL, has establish an iconic style of leisure wear which inspired by the old American sportswear fit. PAL believe the traditional American sportswear aesthetics style are wearable for everyone. 

Paradise NYC, challenge the contemporary street norms and skatewear through a comedic way. He takes everything for inspiration down from fake clothes to road signs on his graphics.

PLAYDUDE, "a serious business", which antithesising their playful designs. Inspired by bootlegging cartoons, PLAYDUDE plays with heavy graphics, nostalgic and weirdo imagery to create fun and innovative collections.

Prmtvo (pronounced pri-mi-tivo), has an esoteric and trippy backbone with collections inspired by exactly these shifting themes, including shamanism, psychoactive drugs and eternal consciousness. 

Public Possession, inspired by the relationship between music, text, graphic design and happenings. T-shirts, accessories and lifestyle products can be found alongside mixtapes, all emblazoned with recognisable PP graphics. 

The concept of “FOUND (find out) &“REPRODUCTION” is made by hand work in a careful manner at factories in each country that produced many military trainers. The timeless and universal items with a focus on military items.

The Trilogy Tapes (TTT), has over time becoming a cult music label and a highly coveted range of merchandise. A strong connection with a variety of experimental musicians and electronic icons helps to shape the iconic signature and music-related artwork.

Urban Ole Eco Park, offers you the opportunity to learn a new craft, and end up with a handmade utensil for your kitchen. A true celebration of Japanese craftsmanship, each kit contains purpose-made equipment to guide you through the making process.


ライオン堂 (Liondo), specifically designed for Sumo wrestler, providing a massive size range and an extremely loose cutting on their garments., which perfectly fit with the Akio Hasegawa’s style.