Urban Ole Ecopark 由設計師 Rieko Suno 在2019年的日本大阪成立。Urban Ole Ecopark 透過產品讓人得到日本工藝的真實體現。主要產品都是讓人一步一步將專屬自已的木製品完工。簡化木勺工藝程序包括選木、切割、造型、打磨和清漆,目標讓人輕鬆透過雙手雕刻的木勺。Urban Ole Ecopark 獨特的餐具套裝,讓你和朋友們可以進行一個簡易的 D.I.Y. 活動。簡單的步驟,你就可以擁有專屬自已的餐具。

Urban Ole Eco Park, a Japanese brand, founded by Rieko Rieko in 2019. The brand becomes the makers of unique Japanese whittling kits From spatulas to spoons and wine cups to chopsticks, the Japanese brand offers you the opportunity to learn a new craft, and end up with a handmade utensil for your kitchen. A true celebration of Japanese craftsmanship, each kit contains purpose-made equipment to guide you through the making process.