Little Ears 是一位以書畫融合當代文化的書法藝術家,她從6歲起學習書法,致力宣揚 書法文化,更希望透過藝術去令社會上更多女性得到認同。同時Little ears亦希望用聆聽、音樂和深呼吸讓大家打開真正的本我。當人打開靈性的本我時,便能提升個人的價值和狀態,達至更高水平。

Awaken The Ears, was the theme of an art exhibition by an Hong Kong activist and artist focus on global culture and world issue, desired to recall our initial resolution and to be who you really are by dealing with both physical and mental pressure under the current pandemic, global financial challenge and unstable society though different legendary. Albert Einstein, Vincent van Gogh, Girl with a Pearl Earring and Akira Kurosawa. By identifying our own uniqueness and jump out of our comfort zone to search for the romantic relationship between rational and irrational.
Little Ears Awaken The Einstein (Print)
Little Ears Awaken The Van Gogh (Print)
Little Ears Awaken The Virgin Mary (Print)
Little Ears Awaken The Akira Kurosawa (Print)
Little Ears Awaken The Pearl Girl (Print)