Finding something fancy? There you go! You can find goods for home, socks, cups and cap on the Japanese brand FreshService, your everyday essential wear Healthknit, an energetic brand Playdude on cap and eye-catching toys, and so on...

Healthknit Washi Paper Socks (Beige)
Healthknit Washi Paper 3-Line Socks (Brown/Orange)
Healthknit Washi Paper 3-Line Socks (Blue/Red)
FreshService Carabiner Keyring (Black)
FreshService Carabiner Keyring (Khaki)
Healthknit Classic Color Scheme 3-Line 3P Socks (Multicolor)
Healthknit 2-Line 3P Socks (Navy/Grey/Black)
Healthknit Socks 3 in 1 (White)
Healthknit Color Scheme 3 Line Crew 3P Socks (Multicolour)
Healthknit Women's 3-Line 3P Socks (Multicolour)
FreshService Original 3-Pack Short Socks (Yellow)
FreshService Original 3-Pack Socks (Black)