mfpen is a contemporary clothing brand from Copenhagen recontextualising classic design with relaxed silhouettes and responsible production. mfpen strives to design a relevant wardrobe whilst making minimal impact.

Durable and functional designs follow a Responsible Hierarchy; first looking to high-quality European deadstock fabrics from overproduction elsewhere in the fashion industry. Where deadstock is unavailable, recycled and biodegradable fabrics are used before resorting to certified organic cotton.

mfpen Favorite Trousers (Cold Sand)
mfpen Wrap Skirt (Recycled Black)
mfpen Application Shirt (Vibrant Stripe)
mfpen Format Shirt (Corporate Stripe)
mfpen Regular Jeans (Faded Black)
mfpen Setup Blazer (Black)
mfpen Patch Trousers (Black)
mfpen Patch Trousers (Vintage Pinstripe)
mfpen Holiday Shirt (Floral Silk)
mfpen Convenient Shirt (Dark Brown)
mfpen Generous Shirt (White Stripe)
mfpen Rib Tank Top 2Pack (Ecru)
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