FreshService is a brand launched by the Japanese selective store with the same name, founded by the Japanese trend indicator Takayuki Minami. The brand selects and designs objects based on the concept of "Delivery Club", focusing on storage and lightweight functions. The design is based on workwear style, combined with simple design aesthetics, through unique tailoring and material texture, to create a fresh, simple and elegant workwear.
FreshService Pertex Equilibrium Tech Pants (Green)
FreshService Work Gloves (Green)
FreshService Dry Typewriter Tactical Pocket L/S Shirt (Navy)
FreshService Cordura Water Repellent Trousers (Black)
FreshService Cordura Water Repellent Trousers (Navy)
FreshService Dry Typewriter Utility Cargo Pants (Khaki)
FreshService Pertex Equilibrium Hooded Shell (Navy)
FreshService Cordura Water Repellent Jacket (Navy)
VIBTEX for FreshService VIBSOX (Black)
VIBTEX for FreshService VIBSOX (White)
FreshService Slide Sandal (Green)
FreshService Original 3-Pack Socks (Navy)