A Korean that greeted with foreign dialects - Conichiwa Bonjour


Playful graphic with a vintage touch

A Japanese mixed with French? How chic and romantic it is. At least, this is the first thought flashed in my mind. However, Ironically they are a Korean brand that references popular culture and delivery their collection in a playful way. Conichiwa Bonjour is reinterpreting classic and street aesthetics into their collection by reinterpreting American Ivy League style and a hind of sarcastic to globally recognisable brand. One will find a sense of familiarity across their product for sure.

The SS21 collection has a wide variety of sectors ranging from classic Ivy League aesthetic to bootleg MasterCard and HP graphics logo of MasterCard alongside cap that had printed with 1989 and a 100% polyethene tote bag to secure your grocery.

Conichiwa Bonjour’s ss21 collection is now available at Comrade Concept store.

COMRADE Concept Store : 

 Level 1, Southern Block, The Forest, 17 Nelson Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong