FreshService Heavy OZ Pullover Hoodie (Black)

FreshService pullover hoodie. For a dry-touch surface, the sweet-twisted loop surface uses a soft, tight-fitting sweat fabric. The front and back of the neckline are designed to have the same curve with the motif of the classic style found in 80's sweatshirts. The more you wear it, the more you can enjoy the unique texture that fits your body. The silhouette is a spacious oversized big silhouette with a boldly wide shoulder and width and a short length. The balance between the soft texture with a moderate drop and the loose silhouette gives a modern impression. Not only is it oversized, but it is also a Fresh Service original silhouette that is packed with thorough attention because it is a simple product, such as making the back body a little longer and finely adjusting the silhouette balance. Although the sleeves are set-in sleeves, the sleeve ridges are lowered to create a smooth silhouette that flows naturally from the shoulders to the sleeves. The sleeves and hem are switched to knit ribs made of the same material. The hood is double-tailored with a strong presence, and the beautiful silhouette with the spindle is impressive. FreshService name print imitating a care tag on the right hem.


SIZE M: Length: 70 cm Width: 72.5 cm Hem width: 50.5 cm Shoulder width: 68.5 cm Sleeve length: 59 cm

SIZE L: Length: 71.5 cm Width: 73 cm Hem width: 51 cm Shoulder width: 69 cm Sleeve length: 60 cm

  • $1,099.00