Healthknit Functional Fabric Short Sleeve Polo Shirt (LT Gray)

  • $399.00
  • $399.00
It is made of US cotton, which has a solid thickness and is dry to the touch.
It is processed with silver ions (Ag +) to give it an antibacterial and deodorant function. It also has a sweat-absorbing and quick-drying function.
An item that can be styled daily with excellent cost performance.

Although it looks classic with 100% cotton, it is actually a high-tech item. A new generation of authentic items finished with the latest technology.

The collar name is a print name that feels good on the skin.
With Healthknit's piss name on the side.


S: Length 66.5cm / Shoulder width 41.1cm / Width 48.0cm / Sleeve length 20.7cm
M : Length 68.5cm / Shoulder width 43.4cm / Width 50.7cm / Sleeve length 21.8cm
L: Length 70.5cm / Shoulder width 45.7cm / Width53.3cm / Sleeve length 22.9cm
XL: Length 72.5cm / Shoulder width 48.0cm / Width 56.0cm / Sleeve length 24.0cm